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Vacanza Office by STUDIO/ WU INTERIOR

Curated by HIEUDOAN

Project name: Vacanza Office

Interior design: STUDIO/ WU INTERIOR

Designer: Daniel Wu

Location: Taipei,Taiwan

Photo: Hey! Cheese

Area: 460m2

Project description from design firms STUDIO/ WU INTERIOR

 Immersion in the Mountains and Sea

In order to create a casual image of the corporate brand, we brought the warm atmosphere of a vacation into the space, taking inspiration from both mountain and sea. In the lounge area at the entrance of the office, particular elements were utilized to convey a warm feeling and to symbolize the entrance to an urban jungle, such as curved booth seating, a special wooden grid pattern, and wooden floors. Walking along the main thoroughfare, the large and small meeting rooms and the chairman’s room placed behind curtains of glass gives one feelings similar to the atmosphere of the ocean, mountains, and grasslands with the colors of blue and green.

The idea is to transform the notion of vacations, which are temporary activities, into daily life, giving the office the same feelings as a resort.

Glowing Jewelry Box

We used the recessed wooden ceiling panels to make the line of sight flow along the L-shaped work area, shaping the compartments like jewelry boxes. The sunlight shines through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, just like a luminous jewelry box. The curved wall was incorporated with the combination of different materials–glass bricks, metal elements, etc., symbolizing the rounded shape of jewelry and the notion of light-refracting facets of gemstones.



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