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Rise Coffee by Space+craft

Curated by HIEUDOAN

Project : Rise Coffee


Interior architect : Space+craft

Roasting lab designer : Chanakarn Assavasirisilp

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Project Area: 150 SQ.M.

Photographer : Thanapol Jongsiripipat

Project description from design firms Space+craft

Rise Coffee was founded by Kasidis Laoboonmee in 2020. He aimed to make specialty coffee more accessible for everyone under his concept, “#RISEwithTHEPEOPLE”. He believes that “coffee-for-everyday” should be fast-paced and dynamic to fit with city people lifestyle while the coffee quality and outstanding services should not be compensated. They established RISE LAB, a group of micro coffee roasters who worked closely with local farmers to ensure best quality of green bean. They explored new roasting approaches and created their own best quality coffee profile to deliver at their coffee bar.


In 2021, Rise Coffee, has launched their first flagship store and roasting lab at Ploenchit area, Bangkok,  where is surrounded by offices and high end residential building.  The total area of 150 sq.m is divided into 2 zones where area coffee bar and roasting lab. As the main concept of Rise coffee branding, Kasidis wanted his first flagship store to express Rise Coffee’ DNA as much as possible. The design goal is to represent aesthetic value and functionality. “Approachable” and “Simplicity” are two key words for the interior design direction.

Space+craft took on the challenge of designing coffee café area. It needed to be clean and simple, yet attractive enough to draw people. Rise coffee’s aimed to serve coffee to fit city people’ lifestyle, mainly grapping a cup of coffee before going to work or during break time. That is why we designed the most of the area function dedicated to the coffee bar in the center and furniture while surrounded walls are left white clean.


We focused on design coffee bar delicately, including all functions in one piece, espresso bar, slow bar , POS , bakery display and washing area. We used ‘angle metal bar’ as main material to construct the whole counter, as they are very simple and cheap. We designed the pattern for angle metal bars and finally,among the clean and minimal interior environment , the coffee counter become a highlight of the space.

The ceiling is exposed. We used C-line ceiling structure to create grids on the ceiling. Replacing some lines with LED strip light, 4000k. to give an ambience lighting to space, mixing with some spotlights. The lighting design make the café is very outstanding from the surrounding at night.

Benches and seating area are placed around the coffee counter. We used white matt plywood with bright red color accent, enhancing RISE COFFEE brand’s identity with a very simple way.

The roasting lab is located next to the coffee bar. With a clear tempered glass as a divider, they visually allowed the connection between coffee bar and roasting lab. Having a cup of coffee and watching coffee process in the lab create an interesting experience for the coffee café especially in the heart of Bangkok.


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